Friday, April 30, 2010

Cool Festive Makeup Ideas

"It's boring to stick to rules. If you can pull off dramatic eyes and lips, go for it. Just do it well," says Nars. Feeling more modest? Pair a bold red lip with blue or green mascara instead.

To prevent shadows from reading too prom, accent your eyes with black liner.

With a monotone makeup palette, add a shimmery accent—on eyelids or the Cupid's bow—to highlight your best feature.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Makeup Artist Pat McGrath for Galliano

Gorgeous runway makeup look created by Pat McGrath for the John Galliano Show.

Eccentric makeup inspiration.

Makeup Inspiration for a Costume Party.

Makeup inspiration for Halloween.

John Galliano zombie makeup look.

Smudged eyes makeup

Blue Eyes and Big Red Lips

Stunning makeup inspiration!

Pale silvery blue eyeshadow, black eyeliner and fake eye lashes emphasizing big baby blue eyes.

Huge big red luscious lips to match.

Amazing Crazy Eyeshadow

Crazy eyeshadow makeup with zebra print and lots of black eyeliner perfectly placed.

Nude matte lipstick and gorgeous straight black layered hair with bangs to help accentuate the eccentric eye make up even further!

Bruna Tenório

Bruna Tenório makeup inspiration from the gorgeous brown haired and brown eyed supermodel.

Bruna Tenório is wearing big color blocked 80's earrings and black mesh over the eyes!

Alessandra Ambrosio Face

Alessandra Ambrosio face makeup ideas.

Gorgeous face beauty shot of supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio with her stunning brown eyes and brown hair!

Chanel Iman Hair

Chanel Iman hair and makeup inspiration.

Chanel Iman on the may cover of I.D. May 2009.

Beautiful glossy dark red lips and dark gray silver eye makeup!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Cool Dark Makeup

Awesome cool dark makeup.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Very Strong Eyebrows

Pale face super strong eyebrows with some white eyeshadow.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Pop Art Costume Makeup

Off the wall makeup inspiration: Pop Art Costume Makeup!

If you are looking for something truly original for Halloween costume or for a dress up party consider going as an Andy Warhol Pop Art girl!

With bright yellow hair and dot print skin!

Green Eyed Fairy Makeup!

Everyone knows that green is a redheads most complimentary color!

A lovely sweet redheaded fairy with green eyes!

Be inspired by this fairy makeup look!

Dark Goth Fairy - Pink Hair

Fascinating eyes with feather upper fake lashes and bottom glitter lashes.

Beautiful Gothic fairy makeup

Green Envy Fairy

This beautiful fairy makeup idea is around the color vibrant woodland green. The color of green envy!!

You will surely be the most envied fairy in the woodlands with this beautiful makeup look!

Purple & Blue Fairy Makeup Idea

Amazingly gorgeous bright dark blue and purple fairy makeup idea.

With huge false eyelashes and matching purple lips! You will turn heads everywhere you go with this stand out fairy look!
Stunning light green fairy makeup with lots of glitter and black eyeliner emphasising the eyes. Choose frosty looking pale lipstick to match.

This is a great Halloween look for the alabaster blonde haired fairy in you!

Autumn Fairy Makeup Idea

Great fairy makeup idea for an autumn color themed fairy.

Green Woodland Fairy Makeup Idea

This Halloween be inspired by this gorgeous Green Woodland Fairy makeup idea.

Green body paint, emphasized green eyeshadow with glitter dots and bright red lips!

White Ghostly Makeup Inspiration

Pale as a ghost!

Pale white skin and Platinum pure white hair with dark eyeshadow and eyes.

Great makeup inspiration for a costume party or for Halloween!

Matte Red Lips and Natural Makeup

Be inspired by dark red matte lips with soft makeup and lots of mascara! Looks fabulous on those with pale skin, dark hair and blue eyes!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Red Lips With Rose Makeup

Classic red lips and black eyeliner make up idea!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Agy Deyn Makeup Inspiration

Agyness Deyn with cool makeup reminiscent of the 80's era and the well known band Adam and the Ants.

Vintage Makeup Red Lips

Stunning Coco Rocha with bright red lips and an overall 1950's makeup feel.

Fall Makeup Ideas

Beautiful eye makeup with blue eyeshadow and matte red lips

And lots and lots of blush!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Blue Paradise Makeup Inspiration

A palette of eye shadows that can make an incredible butterfly effect. Apply an emerald dew shadow with a soft brush on the eyelids. Drawing a line with Turquoise Lagoon on the upper lashes with the aid of a pose stiffer brush and a touch of Yellow Glow in the bottom of the eyes.

Harlequin makeup

Romantic and soft harlequin makeup

Sephora Silver

Gorgeous futuristic makeup in Sephora Ad

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Gorgeous Makeup for Black Women

Amazing shimmery eyes in a soft bronze and silver with glossy lips.

Perfect skin complexion, beautiful natural makeup.

Smokey Pink Eye Shadow

Gorgeous smokey mauve and pink eye shadow.

Great smokey eye makeup inspiration

Friday, April 9, 2010

Digital Eye Makeup

Inspiration for great eye makup can come from absolutely anywhere. Photoshop and other imaging programs are fabulous for getting makeup ideas out of your mind and into the world. The greatest thing about image manipulation with makeup is that you can also play around with the color of the iris.

A beautiful eye in pinks and greens with glitter and sequence:

Peacock inspired eye makeup:

Smokey pinks and blues:

Gorgeous digital lashes with amazing bright tropical colored digital iris and eyeshadow:

Yellow and green digital eyeshadow with a soft rainbow iris:

Yellow Eye Shadow

Make up brown eyes with a beautiful yellow eyeshadow that melts into a brassy golden color and then a silvery white:

Gorgeous and elaborate eyes make up with yellow eyeshadow and an intricate black lattice effect with long false lashes for emphasis:

Vixen eye make up with bright yellow eye shadow:

Make up blue eyes with a golden yellow eyeshadow on the upper lids and a soft blue around the corner and lower rim:

Arabic Make Up Pictures

Gorgeous inspirational arabic make up pictures!

Smokey black eyes that develop into a bright old pink shade near the eyebrows matched with a soft shimmery glossy natural pinkish moist lips.

Nothing makes eyes look more mysterious that heavy eyeliner at the bottom topped with soft mauves on the eyelids.

Black eyeliner with ochre eyeshadow, scuplted dark brows and brooding ochre lips.

Make eyes pop out with blue eyeshadow and carefully placed black eyeliner. A beautiful arabian nights look!